The MANADE office accessories collection is the fruit of a partnership between the designer Jean-René TALOPP and the SAMP design department of the FERODO group.

"For the record, it was initially to test a new expansive plastic material for which SAMP lacked an appropriate mould. An object had to be found to conduct these tests. An engineer designed a mail tray with thick walls, after which a provisional aluminium mould was made. The first injected trays obtained were painted in assorted bright colours. They naturally blended into the Group's offices. Receptive to the interest shown by visitors, especially office furniture suppliers, in these simple tests, the Group decided to launch the design, production and marketing of a collection of office accessories”.

Composed of eleven products made in ABS, it was distributed by office furniture manufacturers, a network of wholesalers supplying resellers and mail-order operators. The objects in this collection met with immense success and became part of office design history.


The MANADE company was born, taking on board the range that preceded its birth.


historique Manade



The COROLLE office accessories collection was created with the support of designer Jean-René TALOPP. Its quality and reasonable prices offered a collection accessible to all. This range obtained the French Industrial Design Label.

The collection of VITRAC coat racks, named after its designer, was born the same year. Based on an original design, the supporting structures received injected swivel hooks.

Diversification Manade


The LF11 lamp marked MANADE's first, acclaimed steps in the world of lighting. A pioneer in the introduction of the compact fluorescent tube, MANADE partnered with Designer Philippe Michel and created a lamp with an innovative design that became a real "star". Concentrating a range of innovations, it consisted of a flexible arm and a lighting block fitted with a grid to vary power and prevent glare when working on screen.

It was produced from fifty or so components on the new SD Production industrial site set up during that period in order to rationalise production.


The SCOOP lamp followed the LF11. In a simplified design, it had the same technical features and allowed competitive market positioning.


Lampes LF11


The following decade marked the development of the 3 historic segments of MANADE: accessories, coat hangers and lighting, with, among others, the birth of the DELPHEE lamp, ARTHEO, GALANCE and AXIANE office accessories ranges, and the KYOTO coat hanger.

porte manteaux Kyoto



This year marked a new stage of creative development for MANADE based on the optimisation of the workspace.

The development of information technology led to a review of the layout of the workstation.

The SURF system, consisting of a toolbar onto which a range of accessories and lighting fixtures are hooked, allowed the creation of additional storage space to free the worktop. 5 years later MANADE built on the success of SURF to develop a range of versatile accessories in ABS and PLA, DUALIS. Positioned on the worktop or hung on a toolbar, it combines functionality, modularity and design.

Aménagement espace de travail

At the same time, MANADE developed a specific waste sorting range: TRIBU. It met the needs of optimising waste collection directly at the workstation in an environmentally responsible approach.

Today, MANADE proposes an adaptation in 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard, the CARTOON waste bin.

Also, in 2015 the PICK'UP waste bin range available in 20, 60, 90 ,120 and 180 litres provides a relevant addition to the MANADE offer in order to meet the rising needs of business organisations due to ever-growing focus on environnemental requirements.

tri déchets Tribu


The 2000s saw the launch of more products specifically dedicated to collective organisations.

The ALOÈS family offered a variety of coat hangers to meet the needs of companies and collective organisations: coat stands, magnetic, wall or over-door hooks.

Today, a wide range of colours makes ALOÈS a major classic in the service sector.

The ARNAGE family in the form of coat rails, document displays and flip charts, offers a complete range to fit out reception and meeting areas.

Portemanteaux Manade Yin


Manade is now extending its range in space separation with its range of ISOLA screens and partitions and the NEW PORT modular toolbar, designed in synergy with the NEW WAVE accessories range.

End of 2015 Manade Manade moves forwards and launches a new range of acoustic panels for the walls and the ceilings : ADDENDA

These products are opening new research possibilities in the field of acoustics... watch this space.

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