A high-performance industrial policy

Over the years, Manade has been able to put in place an ambitious industrial policy to serve its objectives.

A production tool in the service of innovation: thanks to its subsidiary SD PRODUCTION, MANADE controls the integration of design and manufacturing.

An efficient information system: in order to reduce delivery costs, Manade has set up an efficient, functional information-management system. Parcel traceability is provided by a barcode system.



A process of continuous improvement

Above all else, Manade draws its strength from a set of strong values that are shared with its employees and partners and that punctuate daily activity.

Relying on people and their know-how: encourage creativity, team cohesion, and multidisciplinary work.

Seeking out excellence: be close to clients and be attentive to their needs and expectations, in order to improve and develop the products of tomorrow.

Honouring one’s commitments: guarantee product quality and respect delivery deadlines.

Having a presence in the field: provide consultancy and a local service through a network of partners in France and abroad, in close liaison with our commercial teams.

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